Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Tröndle & Partner. For any further questions or queries, I am always there to answer your question personally. New Q&A’s will be added to this list on an ongoing basis.

Who is Tröndle & Partner?

Tröndle & Partner is, on the one hand, Carmen Tröndle, the founder and business owner, and on the other hand, a team of partners: highly qualified professionals covering all fields of the real estate business ready to collaborate to satisfy any specific requirement. A fist-class, state-of-the-art service is guaranteed at any time.

You are running your business alone. What do you do when you are sick or on vacation?

A competent partner broker will act as my deputy and ensure a smooth and seamless substitution at all times. Incoming phone calls will be answered by an assistant.

What areas do you operate in?

In principle, I will cover any area within one hour by car from the city of Zurich, i.e. the area around Lake Zurich including the east of the canton of Aargau, the cantons of Schwyz, Zug and St. Gallen. Of course, we can always negotiate special cases. Being a great fan of Graubünden, I am always happy to sell your mountain holiday home too.

How do we make an appointment with you?

You have several options. Choose a date and time for me to call you right on this website. Or just call me on my landline or mobile phone. I am also happy to answer your Whatsapp or e-mail message.

Since we are working, we can only make an appointment in the evening or on the weekend. How flexible are you?

I am absolutely flexible and will meet with you at your convenience, after your working hours as well as on the weekend.

What is the advantage of registering a search profile?

Registering and entering a search profile with the key features of your wanted property allows me specifically to suggest suitable properties, knowing your ideas and requirements better. In addition, you will also receive listings of properties that are not (yet) advertised in public or that will not be published at all for reasons of discretion.

Can I place a search request?

I am happy to discuss your options with you personally.

How frequently do you send your newsletter?

You will receive the newsletter only when there is something important or new to report, probably about once a month.

I don’t speak German. Can you advise me in English?

Yes, of course. I am offering specialised services for expats in Switzerland who want to buy or sell a property in Switzerland but don’t have sufficient knowledge of German.

I am not sure yet if I really want to sell my property. How do you proceed in this case?

I am happy to discuss your individual situation with you. After an inspection of your property, I will provide you with a detailed analysis and valuation, discuss your options and make suggestions for a suitable sales strategy and a possible co-operation. This is completely free of charge.

Can I set the price of my property myself?

Of course you can. To ensure a successful sale, however, I do not recommend it. Also, I advise you to be careful about any selling price generated by the click of a button on a broker’s website. These values are based on (hedonic) statistics and comparisons with similar properties on sale in the past, which seldom reflect the reality of the current market. If the starting price is set too high, potential buyers will not be attracted. If it is too low, you will lose money. Determining the best possible selling price requires a lot of experience, knowledge of the local market and a thorough analysis of the property on site.